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Heart Breakers hit way to fourth title

By EMILY H. WAKE (September 14, 2015)

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FARMINGTON — Different year. Same result.


The Heart Breakers again showcased why they are the class of area Wiffle Ball by winning the 26th annual Courier Cup Wiffleball Classic Sunday in Farmington.


The Rochester-based team capped a 7-0 weekend by beating the re-energized Know It Alls in the final, 10-0. It was a three-peat for the Heart Breakers, who have now won four of the last five Courier Cups.


“We just hit really well. “ said tournament MVP Wes Perreault. “That’s all we just do is hit.”


And hit and hit ...


The Heart Breakers took the lead for good in the second inning with two runs, all scored after there were two outs and the bases empty. Perreault stayed alive when on a 2-2 pitch he swung and miss for an apparent strike three, but the pitch was ruled too fast (umpire’s discretion). Perreault, with new life, singled on the next pitch, and Matt Chick followed with a single. Jeff Richardson’s line double to the left-field fence scored Perreault and Chick scored on an overthrow to make it 2-0.


“That did change the whole entire game,” said Perreault. “It was unfortunate for them, but it worked out nice for us.”


The Know It Alls never recovered as the Heart Breakers continued to hit and hit.


Josh Edgerly’s three-run blast made it 5-0 in the third. Chick’s three-run homer widened the gap to 8-0 in the fourth, and Richardson’s two-run shot in the fifth got the lead to double figures.


“We’ve been doing that all day,” Perreault said. “As soon as we get a lead, we just keep tacking it on. It’s a lot easier to pitch with a lead.”


The Know it Alls (5-2) were limited to five baserunners on four singles and a fielder’s choice over the last four innings, including two hits by Dan Arnault.


Perreault, the recipient of a record fourth MVP award, was joined on the all-tournament team by teammates Edgerly and Richardson, KIA’s Jesse Moody and Jake Moody, Alan Goodrow of the Slime Dogs, and Alan Doucet of the Kraw Sox.


The Heart Breakers advanced to the championship with an 8-1 win over the Woodchucks and a 5-2 win over the Kraw Sox. KIA, who didn’t qualify for championship Sunday in 2014, moved on with wins over a pair of previously unbeaten teams, the Wild Ones, 6-5, and Slime Dogs, 8-3.


In the two other first-round games, the Kraw Sox beat the Wiffle Kings, 9-4, and the Slime Dogs ousted JT’s Wrecking Krew, 3-0.


It was an emotional weekend for the Know It Alls (2006 and 2007 champs). They were playing in memory of John Pratt Jr., the team’s glue. Pratt, who the team affectionately called “GM” (for General Manager) died unexpectedly on Aug. 29 at age 59.


“He inspired us this weekend,” said Jesse Moody. “We played for him. He would have loved the final. He knew both teams. Some of the Heart Breakers, like Wes, used to come over and play Wiffle Ball at his house.”


The Heart Breakers became just the second Courier Cup three-peat, joining the Farmtown Indians (2000 to 2002). It was also their fourth title, making them one of four teams to accomplish that feat (Indians, Kraw Sox, Woodchucks).


“I don’t know how we do it now,” Perreault said. “Before when we were younger we played every single day. Now we don’t play at all.”


Which, apparently, is a recipe for success.


Wiffle Notes

This year’s T-shirt was once again designed by Chester’s John Dauphinais, who has designed 22 tournament T-shirts since 1992.


JT’s Donnie Funk won his unprecedented third Courier Cup Home Run Derby crown in stunning and crushing fashion. He hit all eight pitches out of the park (off his brother, Nick) to easily win the coveted title.

All tournament proceeds benefit the Farmington 500 Boys & Girls Club. The tournament has raised $12,000 for the club since 2001.


The 2016 tournament will take place on Sept. 10 and 11.

2015 Pool Assignments

2015 Schedule of Events


Heart Breakers

Know It All


Wes Perreault, Heart Breakers (MVP)

Josh Edgerly, Heart Breakers

Jeff Richardson, Heart Breakers

Jesse Moody, Know It Alls

Jake Moody, Know It Alls

Alan Goodrow, Slime Dogs

Alan Doucet, Kraw Sox



Donnie Funk (8-8)

Carpy has been a long time friend of the tournament as well as long-time 500 volunteer.  Carpy umpired the tournament for many years but recently showed up with his signature lawn chair and always stood out with his more than colorful outfits! Recently, Codie Healey recalled a story where Carp was so impressed with Jayson Whitehouse's under the leg pitch that he called Codie out without the ball reaching the plate!
Ky was a coach and player of one of the charter teams in 1990, Ky's TownRunners,  which later became the Budmen.  Ky hasn't played in recent years but usually showed up on opening Saturday to share old stories with good friends and check out the wiffle ball action.
Ron has been attending the tournament annually for years as the number one fan of his son Tommy's team; the Kraw Sox.  Folks looked forward to re-connecting with Ron each year at the field.  He always had a kind word to say to everyone and reminisced about his years of volunteer service to the 500!

John played in the tournament in the early 90's and then put a team together called the Know It Alls which was comprised of his son and friends.  John coached 3rd base in his signature Red Know It Alls shirt and blue jeans.  Sometimes he was more serious than the players themselves!

In loving memory...

The Courier Cup recently lost four members of its family with the passing of John Pratt, Ron Krawczyk, Ky Goslin and Chris "Carpy" Carpenter. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the their friends and families.

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