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1. Five players per team (pitcher, catcher, three fielders), five-inning games. All field players bat. 10-run rule after three innings. No cleats or spikes. Pitcher’s mound is 35 feet from pitching rubber to plate; bases are 40 feet apart. Fences are approximately 100 feet in distance from home plate. There is NO roster jumping. Once you’ve played with a team that is the team you play for and that, as they say, is that. Game time is game time. There is no grace period. If you cannot field a complete team, you forfeit.


2. There is baserunning. No bunting, leading or stealing; runner may leave base on swing only. There is no infield fly rule.


3. Medium-speed pitching (umpire’s discretion); a pitch deemed to be too swift will be called a ball; if a batter hits it, he has the option of taking the outcome of the batted ball or a ball. No pitchers’ warmups after the first inning unless a reliever comes in and he gets a one-time five warmup pitches. 


4. It’s Indian rubber, so the defense may throw the ball and hit runners for an out. If the throw misses, it’s all you can get unless the ball goes out of play and then it is one base. If a runner is hit, the ball is immediately dead and runners on base may only advance to the base they were headed to. 


5. Only official Wiffle® bats and balls are used and supplied by the tournament. You may bring your own Wiffle® bats and tape is allowed on the handle, but not the barrel. Barrel may not be enhanced in any way i.e. tape, packing foam, etc. 


6. Extra innings. Each team in extra innings starts with a runner on third base (the last batter in the previous inning) and each batter has a full count (3 balls, 2 strikes). Still three outs. Play until there is a winner. The extra-inning rule applies only to pool play on Saturday. It does NOT apply to championship Sunday.


7. There are four pools of five teams each. The top two teams from each pool advance to Sunday’s single-elimination championship round. In case of a tie, the following tiebreaking criteria will be used: If two teams are tied, head-to-head will be used. If three teams

are tied for the two spots, head-to-head will be used first and then total defensive runs allowed will be used. This is a change fromrun differential. So if team A allows six (6) total runs and team B allows nine (9) and team C allows 10 runs, then team A and Badvance. If three teams are tied and vying for one spot, it’s head-to-head first and then total runs allowed. 


8. No whining.

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